World Cup 2010

World Cup Final: Live Chat

It’s Sunday in America, and World Cup Final Sunday at that. The Super Bowl of Soccer, only way more important. Come join us for a live chat as we discuss the game and more. Can Holland become the first side since Brazil in 1970 to win every game they play at the World Cup Finals? Can Spain capture the second Euro/World Cup double in history– and if they do– will they for small moments rue the defeat to the United States last summer that cost them a shot at the world’s first international treble?

We’re an hour away– and know this: Arjen Robben and his droogs, Nigel, Wesley and Gio Bronckhorst are ready. One could say they’ve set to the pitch not simply trying to exorcise the nightmares of 74 and 78– but trying to make up their rassoodocks what to do with the evening. Soccer City seems better than the Korova milkbar, at least for tonight, and they’ll be time for that with a win. Amsterdam will be ready, and they will be drinking. As for Nigel, he may have been already. Who knows? Just expect those cats to be sharp, and u ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Neil W. Blackmon

  • Amy

    It is ridiculous how you made Clockwork Orange jokes in the live chat lead in and then the Dutch took to the field essentially playing like Alex and his gang of thugs. Fabulous stuff, sir.

  • Jon

    Droogs Amy, please. Not thugs, droogs.