June 2010

World Cup Fun And Games

As you’ve probably gathered at this point, we here at The Yanks Are Coming are a bunch of jovial fellows (that means happy/drunk dudes, Raf) who enjoy activities like hanging out and having a good time, specific I know. We love our readers, yes even YOU, and would love to buy you all beers anytime we have the good fortune to hang out with you Yanks and Yankettes. Well, more appropriately, we’d love if you our readers all bought us beers given the chance… blogging just don’t pay like it used to! But aside from those of you who will be traveling to South Africa like Neil and I, there just aren’t enough opportunities to hang out and party together as a TYAC community during these truly excellent and most exciting summer months. But fear not loyal readers, we’ve found a way for all of us to interact, compete, and generally make fun of ourselves and each other during the World Cup. The most important blog of our time proudly presents our very own fantasy mini-league for the most important soccer tournament in the world! Follow the steps below to join The Yanks Are Coming and compete against all of our writers, each other, and whoever else you want to invite to challenge booze-swilling degenerates who run this site:

ESPN Bracket Predictor: The group name is “YanksAreComing.com”

ESPN World Cup Fantasy: The league name is “The Yanks Are Coming”

Make sure to comment on this post with your team’s name at the very least so we all know who’s who for ego stroking/destroying purposes!

Sidebar: Over the course of Euro 08 my ex absolutely destroyed all the Yanks writers using only the strategy of picking the best looking players to populate her team. Alas, Sex Fรกbregas and the Pretty Posse will not be making an appearance in this tournament, so we don’t all have to fall on the sword just yet… but it is pretty much the greatest fantasy team name of all time though.

Jon Levy is a senior writer for The Yanks Are Coming. He can be reached at jon@yanksarecoming.com.

Jon Levy