Neil W. Blackmon (Editor-In-Chief)

Neil W. Blackmon, a US Men’s National Team follower and Sam’s Army Member since 2002, is a graduate of the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Neil has been writing about the US Men’s National Team since 2006, and founded the Yanks Are Coming with Jon Levy and Raf Crowley in 2008. In addition to The Yanks Are Coming, his writing has appeared in A Football Report, The Shin Guardian and other web-based soccer publications. He has also been a featured guest on the Sports Illustrated soccer podcast as well as Sirius XM‘s soccer programming. His piece on Andy Najar was nominated for awards for journalistic excellence. He currently practices law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he lives with his wife and love of his life, Tabitha, and their daughter Mila.

Jon Levy (Associate Editor)


Jon Levy is an avid soccer fan who has been an active member of the sports media for approximately ten years. He most recently served as the Sports Director at WUFT-FM in Gainesville, Florida. Jon is a University of Florida graduate and who finished his Masters degree in broadcast station management in December 2009. Jon has been a featured guest on the Sports Illustrated soccer podcast. He won an award for journalistic excellence for a piece on Tim Tebow he did as a masters student at the University of Florida, and his soccer writing has frequented “Best Of” lists since he co-founded the Yanks Are Coming in 2008. Jon roots for West Ham United, Lady Gaga, and the Chicago Bears. He hates Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and blight upon society Brett Favre.

Daniel Seco (Publisher/Editor Emeritus)

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  • Michael Cera is on staff? Who knew?

  • Can we all agree that a joke in reference to Kei$$$$$$$$ha should never be made on this site again? Ok? thanks 🙂

  • AO

    this is a fantastic website. although, the Yankettes section seems to limit the site to a male fanbase only. i am certain many females find the material /section a bit much and male driven. besides, what do ‘Yankettes’ have to do with the root of this website’s existence; soccer. i feel the Yankettes section is preventing the female fanbase from experiencing a fantastic site and, more importantly, contributing to OUR NATIONAL TEAM’S important support from ALL AMERICANS! thank you -AO

  • Jenn Haas

    maybe the fact that all the writers are guys has something to do with the fact that there’s a yankettes section in the first place. maybe they get tired of talking about sweaty guys and like to appreciate the female form every once in a while. the yankettes have been a staple of this blog from its conception. don’t mess with it. it’s a section of the blog, there aren’t half naked girls all over the site. i feel that the yankettes section does not take away from the colorful commentary and is keeping in tone with the entire blog… if you don’t like it go fuck yourself. this site is fantastic. keep it up guys.

  • Mole

    I know for a fact that this Raf fellow does not tutor inner-city students. Nor do any inner-city children love him. Just saying…

  • Mole

    I have just been informed that Raf indeed does tutor inner-city students and they love him. I officially retract my above statement. It’s not my fault I never know what Raf is up to anymore.

  • h3eron

    Hey Tim,

    Is that Tulane University, or Tulane Middle School? Great Picture.

  • h3eron

    FYI….you all rock….great site and as always, succinct and cogent analysis………love that picture.

  • Neil W. Blackmon

    Thanks a bunch h3eron– thank you for reading !