World Cup 2010

Yankette of the Month

Anne Hathaway, herself a big fan of international soccer, and Juve of Turin, would almost surely agree that El Tri is a three-colored cluster!@#$ after the firing of Sven-Goran Eriksson, who apparently is so relieved to be rid of the post that he’s already searching for an EPL return. Good luck with that Sven ! Meanwhile, rumors swirl that Javier Aguirre, most recently the head man at Atletico Madrid, will return home again… we will see.

Either way, interesting article and write up by Luis Bueno on the El Tri disaster at CNNSI– the TriColores may have great trouble getting to South Africa if they do not improve quickly.

More on the sights, sounds, and happenings in the 3-0 win in Nashville soon. It wasn’t as wonderful as Hathaway, but more or less it was the finest American performance in a long while.

Daniel Seco