December 2009

Yankettes Casting Call

Please look better than this guy!

If you’ve been a reader of The Yanks Are Coming for even half a breath, you’re most likely aware of our Yankette of the Month section.  If not, here’s the scoop. Traditionally, we’ve featured tasteful photos of one American female celebrity per month along with a brief profile offering some insight about the woman.

Now it’s your turn.

With hopes of capturing the essence of the true female USMNT fan, we’d be honored to have you grace the fine pages of The Yanks Are Coming. Transitioning from a monthly to a weekly feature, the new Yankette of the Week (hell, we can change the name if you think it sounds sexist) will be replete with a user submitted photo and a 10 to 15 question interview. We’d like the photos to feature you in a USMNT jersey, shirt, or whatever you own that accentuates your USMNT fandom.

In terms of who we will be selecting, the criteria is simple. Just being willing to have your photo (along with your first name and perhaps the first initial of your last name) posted on our site along with the interview. Finally, make the interview fun and your answers creative.

We’re not trying to throw jerseys on 18-year-old twins from Sorority Row and try to convince our readers that they are USMNT fans. The Yanks Are Coming wants REAL fans who drink beer, watch games and even go to games. Hell, we don’t care if you’re skinny, fat, short, tall, insert adjective that may or may not be attractive here.

If this sounds awesome (and we hope it does), please send Dan an email at your earliest convenience expressing your interest along with a photo. He can be reached at Don’t worry, you’re probably better looking than him anyway. See the photo above.


The Yanks Are Coming staff

Daniel Seco