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Yanks Are Coming Soccer Show: USSF Presidential Candidate Michael Winograd Interview

Michael Winograd, USSF Presidential candidate.

The guys sat down with Michael Winograd, an attorney based in New York City and candidate for US Soccer Federation President. As a player, coach, front office member and attorney, Winograd has been involved in soccer nearly his entire life, and he was kind enough to sit down and talk to us about a host of issues and challenges facing the US Soccer Federation as they move past last autumn’s failure to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

Among the topics of conversation:

  • Pay to Play (and coach)
  • Investment in the women’s game and NWSL
  • Increasing access to soccer in urban and rural underserved communities
  • A leadership style and vision that fits US Soccer’s unique challenges
  • The role of state soccer associations in the development challenges to come
  • Healthy lower divisions
  • Transparency in decision-making and the need for consensus building

Mr. Winograd’s entire platform, as well as a biography, press clips and a note about why he elected to seek the US Soccer Presidency, can be found at his website, linked here.

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